Despite Being Sick of the Term, 72% of Marketers to Invest in “Social Media.” Both an interesting and fun nugget here.

“51.4% of marketers polled by the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) say they are tired of hearing the buzz words social media, Twitter, and social networking. Yet, despite that nauseous feeling, 72% of them plan to invest in social media in 2010.”

Q: Are you planning new social media initiatives in 2010?

Apparently marketers have forgotten their own mantra.
“Just when you become sick of an ad campaign, is exactly when the message is just starting to stick with your target audience.”

Isn’t there a mantra out there for design? Could be something like:
“Just when you become sick of the web 2.0 design style, it is exactly when that style is starting to stick with your target audience.”

I know I feel this way, especially when dealing with insurance company redesigns. Lastly, I had to re-blog this b/c that chart needed some love.

via: Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim