I’m a creative director with 20 years’ experience in digital brand marketing, creative direction, UI/UX design, product design, creative team building and management.

I’m a creative leader. I’ve overseen, built, and mentored teams that ranged in size from four to 20+ people and led projects that consisted of both digital and integrated marketing campaigns that included video production, interactive development, product work, and data-led optimization.

I have an entrepreneurial bend. I was a co-founder of Outsight Interactive, a Boston-based digital agency, where I led new business and creative development. I also led and hired the design team that helped Stamps.com Internet Postage go public.

I’m passionate about making meaningful and innovative work. National Geographic Channel’s Killing Kennedy, Killing Lincoln, Google’s Full Value of Mobile, GoMo: A Google Initiative, and adidas miCoach are examples that I’m most proud of.

Do You Need Help?

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(781) 698-9038