The Killing Lincoln site immerses viewers in the world of 1865. As the Civil War draws to a close and tensions mount between the Union and the Confederacy, we follow John Wilkes Booth as he conspires to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. Through historical photography, newspaper archives and personal quotes and writings, viewers can explore the motivations behind the murder and the clues leading to Booth’s arrest. The site also highlights the ramifications of Booth’s actions, noting how they changed history and showing modern-day locations live on Google Street View. It approaches a moment in history as something alive and relevant, with parallels to our current time. was designed and built using HTML5, CSS3, Google Maps, and Street View, allowing viewers to see historic locations as they appear today and locate the site closest to them. The site synced with the docudrama’s TV premiere for a second screen experience that kept visitors on site for an average of 45 minutes, a Nat Geo record–proving Lincoln’s tragedy is as relevant for modern Americans as it was for those who lived through it.