Smartphones have changed how people shop in fundamental ways. The problem is, the way mobile advertising is measured hasn’t changed. Most businesses still evaluate their campaigns based only on purchases that happen on their mobile sites, leading to the misconception that mobile doesn’t convert.



In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. New consumer behaviors influenced by mobile have emerged. Customers can call a business directly from a mobile ad, search for directions to a local store, or purchase through an app they’ve downloaded. The Full Value of Mobile, an app MullenLowe created for Google, aims to take these new paths into consideration and give credit where it’s due.

Search marketers can use the Full Value of Mobile Calculator to help their clients evaluate their mobile campaigns with help from Google-supplied measurement tips and benchmarks. Businesses can see the impact of five conversion types, each with a short video to illustrate how customers got to the point of purchase. Case studies from major companies and a custom report to share provide proof that mobile works.

The Full Value of Mobile is a step toward a better attribution model for mobile. While the calculator still requires some estimating and educated guesses, it will help unlock mobile’s potential, setting the stage for the next generation of mobile marketers.

Thanks to Google for the opportunity to create something truly useful for the digital advertising community.