The Department of Defense

Real Lives. Real Stories.

I was the digital creative lead for the Department of Defense account for the past seven years. This responsibility included overseeing multiple projects and teams that ranged in size from four to 20+ people, four brands and their respective web properties (both creation and maintenance), digital and traditional advertising campaigns, optimization programs, resource allocations and team structures.


Elevate the reputation of the Military as an organization and support all the service branches with effective, integrated marketing communications that foster conversations and, ultimately, help people make the right decision for their future or the future of someone they care about.


Create brands that consist of relevant, authentic, and resourceful information. And then connect those brands to people through relatable, engaging, story-driven content that’s found in their natural habitats: mobile, social, and emerging platforms.


Multiple MITX Finalists | ROSOFF Award | Work and client relationship won agency re-compete